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Continuity is like a magic wand for Minecraft 1.21.0, making the game's texture smooth like butter. The core functionality of Continuity is enabling connected textures, a feature commonly found in OptiFine resource packs. This allows textures like grass, leaves, and wood to seamlessly connect at block borders, creating a more visually appealing and realistic world.

Minecraft relies on resource packs to customize textures and visual elements. OptiFine is a popular resource pack that offers features like connected textures and emissive textures. However, OptiFine itself is not compatible with Fabric. Continuity bridges this gap.



The mod also offers limited support for another OptiFine feature: Emissive textures. These textures are self-illuminating and add a touch of depth and realism to certain blocks like glowstone or torches.


Continuity mod requires Indium if Sodium is installed.
Download Continuity mod 1.21.0 (Fabric) [416.3 Kb] (Downloads: 1)

Download Continuity mod 1.20.5 (Fabric) [416.1 Kb] (Downloads: 4)
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