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The EnhancedVisuals mod for Minecraft enhances the immersive experience of the game by adding various visual effects that respond to in-game events. This mod aims to make the gameplay more engaging and visually appealing by providing feedback through detailed visual cues. For example, when the player takes damage, the screen displays blood splatters or cracks to simulate injury. Another visual enhancement will be for weather conditions, such as raindrops on the screen during rain or dust particles in a desert. You can customize the intensity and type of visual effects to suit their preferences and hardware capabilities.



Among other visual effects will be...

  • The screen darkens or shows red borders when the player's health is low.
  • Visual cues for various status effects like poison, hunger, and fatigue.
  • Unique effects when the player dies and respawns.
  • Visual effects for different in-game events like explosions, fire, and more.


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