Tree Harvester

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Tree Harvester mod gives you the option to cut down trees as a whole in Minecraft. Chop down any part of any tree and it will instantly fall off. Works with any tree type and even giant mushrooms. The chopping time depends on the tallness of the tree. Harvesting mode will only activate when Crouching, it also has safe checks to prevent destroying your own structures.


Tree Harvester


This mod requires Collective API.
Download Tree Harvester mod 1.21.0 (Fabric/Forge) [101.98 Kb] (Downloads: 0)

Download Tree Harvester mod 1.20.5 (Fabric/Forge) [102.01 Kb] (Downloads: 0)

Download Tree Harvester mod 1.20.5 (Fabric) [72.89 Kb] (Downloads: 5)

Download Tree Harvester mod 1.20.4 (Fabric) [122.64 Kb] (Downloads: 14)
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