Vein Mining

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The VeinMining mod for Minecraft is a popular addition that significantly enhances the mining experience. It introduces the Vein Mining enchantment, which allows players to mine entire veins of ore blocks or chop down whole trees with a single action. This enchantment can be applied to various tools, making resource gathering faster and more efficient.


Vein Mining work demo

Key features of the VeinMining mod include:

  • The enchantment can be customized in terms of rarity, maximum level, and compatibility with other enchantments. It can also be found on books, through villager trades, and as loot.
  • Players can configure the maximum number of blocks mined, the distance between blocks, and whether diagonal blocks are included. Additional settings include controlling tool durability, player exhaustion, and whether mined drops are relocated.
  • The mod allows players to choose how the vein mining action is activated, either through specific key bindings or automatically when using the tool.


Download Vein Mining mod 1.20.6 (Fabric/Forge) [427.53 Kb] (Downloads: 1)
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