Nature's Compass

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Nature's Compass is a handy Minecraft mod that helps you locate specific biomes within your world. If you're ever lost or struggling to find a particular biome type (like a mushroom island or a mesa), this mod can be a real lifesaver.


Finding Your Biome:

First, you'll need to craft the Nature's Compass itself. The recipe involves combining vanilla Minecraft ingredients like Iron ingots and Redstone dust.

Crafting Recipe

Once crafted, hold the Nature's Compass in your hand and right-click. This will open a menu displaying a list of all biomes in the game, including both vanilla biomes and those added by other mods you might be using. Select the desired biome from the list, and the compass will then point in the direction of the closest instance of that biome in your world. This makes it much easier to navigate and locate the specific biome you're searching for.

Nature's Compass

When the compass isn't actively searching for a biome, it might default to pointing towards the world spawn point, which can be helpful for finding your way back to your base, especially if you've ventured far out exploring.


Download Nature's Compass mod 1.21.0 (Fabric) [104.46 Kb] (Downloads: 0)

Download Nature's Compass mod 1.20.6 (Fabric) [104.37 Kb] (Downloads: 1)
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