The Undergarden

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The Undergarden is a mod that introduces a dark, eerie dimension beneath the Overworld, filled with unique biomes, creatures, and resources. The mod features a variety of new plants, some of which glow in the dark, adding to the mystical ambiance of the dimension. The dimension is home to several unique creatures, such as Rotwalker, Muncher, and Stoneborn. Unique ores can be mined in the dimension and used to craft powerful tools and armor.


The portal to Undergarden

Accessing the Undergarden

To enter the Undergarden, you need to build a portal frame using Stone Bricks. Light the portal with the Catalyst, which is crafted from materials found in the Overworld. The Catalyst is crafted with a combination of common and special items and the recipe can be found in the Crafting book.

The Undergarden

About the new biomes

Frost Fields: A cold, icy biome with unique flora and fauna adapted to the freezing environment.
Dense Forest: A dark, overgrown forest filled with twisted trees and mysterious creatures.
Grongle Forest: Known for its bioluminescent plants and eerie atmosphere.


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