Goblin Traders

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The Goblin Traders mod injects a dose of whimsy and strategic commerce into your Minecraft world by adding wandering goblin merchants. These little creatures offer unique trades, allowing you to acquire valuable items and resources.


Finding the Fickle Goblins

Goblins can be found underground in caves throughout the world. Vein Goblins are living in the Nether, offering different wares tailored to the fiery dimension. Not all goblins are created equal! Some merchants might be more receptive to trades if you offer them specific items they like (such as Apples in the Overworld or Carrots in the Nether). On the other hand, if you attack them, be prepared for a fight!

Nether Goblin Trader

Uncertain Riches (and Risks)

  • Goblin traders offer a variety of goods, including magical upgrades, enchanted items, and even resources not readily available in the vanilla game.
  • The specific trades offered by each goblin can vary. Some might provide fantastic deals, while others might offer less desirable items at higher prices. It's all about finding the right goblin at the right time!

Goblin Trader

Trading UI


[attachment=58:Download Goblin Traders mod 1.20.6 (Fabric)]
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